All types of additive Printing technology and mechanical simulation consulting services

Founded in 2017, SBCI is a Engineering Consulting Firm providing all types of printing services to customers. We have extensive experience working with software and Quality suppliers in various engineering domains helping them develop efficient products using the most advanced engineering technology.

Our product development experience, ability to scale based on customer needs, our flexibility and our pro-activeness in identifying opportunities for efficiency has enabled successful engagement.

Our Expertise


SBCI’s CAD offerings include everything from basic concept support to final detail drawing services.

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SBCI has strong expertise in CAE. It provides services to various Industries that include Automotive, Alternate Energy and many other.

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SBCI has very experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) Simulation. Provide accuration solutions for Industries like that Automobile, Aerospace and other Manufaturing industries

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Foundary Solutions

SBCI has provide Foundary Solutions as Pattern and Die Design, Invesment casting, Replicast and also provide simulation for best and quality outcome

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3D Printing

sbci is one of the main distributors of some very nice and Quality 3D Printed Parts & give the clients start to end point experience

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WebSite and App Design

sbci gives you very fluent and great experience in Website and Android App Design

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Opentext Streamserve Printing Solutions

sbci Provides you Opentext streamserve Printing solutions for better Invocing and Statement Genaration Printing solutions

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